Plastic spray bottle specifications

Plastic spray bottles are a type of daily chemical plastic bottles. Plastic spray bottles are made of plastic and are commonly used in daily life. Spray bottles are a general term for devices that can create artificial mist. The working principle of the spray plastic bottle is to form a high-pressure system inside the plastic bottle by pressing and spraying the liquid in the bottle in the form of extremely fine water particles at a higher pressure.

5ml 10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 100ml 120ml transparent small spray bottle perfume refill spray bottle plastic side spray bottle
500ml Customized Foam Trigger Water Sprayer Pump Alcohol Plastic Spray Bottle

Plastic spray bottle material: PET, PE

Color: transparent, milky white, amber, blue, green, etc.

Advantages: Transparent plastic spray bottle, good hardness and high transparency.

Product specifications:

10ml has a total height of 8 cm, a diameter of 2.2 cm, and a bottle body of 3.9 cm.

20ml has a total height of 9.2 cm, a diameter of 2.5 cm, and a bottle body of 4.7 cm

30ml has a total height of 10.1 cm, a diameter of 2.9 cm, and a bottle body of 6.0 cm

50ml, total height 11.35cm, diameter 3.25cm, label height 6.3cm, circumference 10.2cm

60ml, total height: 11.8cm, diameter: 3.5cm, bottle height: 7.8cm, diameter: 1.5cm

100ml total height 14.5cm, diameter 3.9cm, bottle height 10.5cm, inner diameter 1.4cm

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